Sustaınability And Social Responsibility

Sustainability Management
Through 17 years of company history, corporate sustainability principle at Fe-Ni Mining decisively proceeds with its defining strategies to its aim as taking into account the social-environmental and economic changes and developments of mining sector and the understanding of coalescence with the World.
Our company's main target is, to make the sustainability a part of the corporate culture,   to maintain the contribution of employees and stakeholders for decision mechanisms, applications and business processes. To reach this goal, management of social and environmental risks and opportunities, stakeholder dialogues and transparency, contribution to the development of society, establishing of the supply chain and leading the principles has been guided.

Stakeholder Cooperation
Compatible studies and works have to be carried out while defining the social, environmental and economic impacts with considering the importance of the opinions of the management and the public in the provinces, districts, towns and neighborhoods at our operating mine sites in Eskişehir area.

Environmental Policy and Studies
Fe-Ni Mining is aware of the fact that permanent, successful and effective nickel mining is only possible with the integrity of a responsible environmental management and superior environmental performance. With this awareness, in order to bring the underground resources to the economy, it carries out its mining activities with the respect to the environment. 
Before the starting of the activities in the licensed areas and in accordance with the current legislation, the Environmental Impact Assessment reports constitute the evaluation of all potential environmental and social risks. After the completion of the works in the mine sites, the plans for the recovery of the waste areas to the nature would be formed and received the necessary approvals from the public institutions.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Fe-Ni Mining Ltd. Co., has closely followed the developments and regulations in the area of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) legislated in 2011 and showed the required sensitivity and fulfilled its obligations in accordance with the OSH legislation. As defining and evaluating of possible risks, it has taken the necessary measures.
Within the framework of zero accident and occupational disease targets, it has established and implemented an OHS Management System at international standards that fulfills the requirements of national legislation.

Social Responsibility
Fe-Ni Mining has worked and made business with more than 20 governmental establishments, 5 universities, 8 civil society and professional association, more than 30 private sector organizations. Day by day, business relations continue to widen with new stakeholder organizations. 
As a company adopted the principle of respect for human and nature to be as a fundamental right, up to now by organizing and participating plantion campaigns in different times and places, more than 20 000 trees with the legal permits and organizations of the related Forest Offices has been planted.
Between and inside of Karacam and Yayla villages, contributions at the construction of totally 3 km stabilized asphalt road have been provided to the state institutions.
In order to teach what mines and mining concepts mean and to raise awareness among children about them, books, educational equipment and materials have been provided to Yunusemre Primary School in the near vicinity. 
Contributions and supplies have also been made to the nearby villages at their constructions and needed material.