About Us

Fe-Ni Mining Limited Company, engaged in nickel and iron ore mining, aimed to be one of the developing pioneer companies in this sector of Turkey, started its activities in 2002. Up to 2008, by producing low-grade iron ore, one of the most important raw material sources of Turkish Construction Sector, supplied iron ore to cement plants.  
Also in 2008, the company has expanded abroad by selling raw nickel ore. Later, Fe-Ni Mining Ltd. Co. has continued its development by exporting its raw nickel ore to various countries. In recent years, by continuing to export raw nickel ore from Turkey, the company carries the honor and pride of being the one and only company of bringing foreign currency to the country.
Fe-Ni Mining Ltd. Co., closely following important developments in the mining sector in Turkey and the world, is trying to contribute to the country's economy with exploration and production in various mine sites.
Our company's head office is located in Ankara. Lateritic nickel ores are produced from open pits of licensed areas around Eskişehir-Mihaliççık-Yunus Emre town and sized at crushing and screening facilities of mine site and stocked according to grade contents. Nickel ores are exported from Bandırma Port in the past and Gemlik port recently to the ferronickel plants of many countries.