Kırşehir-Akçakent Polimetalic Deposits

Exploration-Operation and R&D

Our exploration activities go on for the sulfide bearing polymetallic formations, which are likely to be found below the iron cap in the licensed area near the village of Yeniyapan in the Kırşehir-Akçakent district. Due to geophysical surveys consisting of Magnetic, IP and Resistivity methods were applied at the whole licensed area in 2018, and anomalies of sulfide formation down to 400 meters below surface were determined. Sulphidic zones were demonstrated by drilling activities which were implemented at 5 locations with a total of about 1000 meters length. It is planned to perform more than 5 drilling operations in 2019 at the other drilling locations. On the drilling cores from 2018, ore enrichment studies were executed with the Department of Mining Engineering of Hacettepe University. R & D studies are still ongoing.