Social Responsibility Works of Fe-Ni Mining Company


Fe-Ni Mining Company is an enterprise keeping track of major developments in notably nickel mining sector in Turkey and across the world, operating in mining business in an environmentally-conscious manner, sensitive to moral values of society and fulfilling its social responsibilities towards the society, contributing to the national economy and serving to the humanity.


Fe-Ni Mining Co. supplies iron ore to companies in Turkey and exports nickel ore to foreign enterprises produced from its mining operations in Eskisehir.


It is clear from the works we do that Fe-Ni Mining Co. is sensitive to the society it lives in and supports a sustainability living environment through its projects and studies in a systematic way in terms of social responsibility.


Our goal has always been to carry out the environmental and social responsibility activities in line with the national and the EU legislative objectives on environment and social responsibility.  Our company will continue to support and provide contributions to various institutions working in the field of environmental issues and social responsibility in order to preserve and develop the environment being aware of respect for humans and environment.


Fe-Ni Mining Co. has been working in cooperation and doing business with more than 20 Government Agencies, 5 Universities, 8 Non-Governmental Organizations and Vocational Institutions and more than 30 Private Sector Entities (8 Port Facility Services, 3 Transport and Logistics Services, 5 Consultancy and Insurance Companies, more than 10 Cement Plants, more than 10 Supplier Companies and so on.) and day by day Fe-Ni has been establishing collaborative relations with new stakeholders. 



Having embraced the principle that respect for humanity and environment is a fundamental right; our company is in close and warm contact and relation with the local administrations governing the places where our license sites are located. In 2011, a large staff comprising manager, mining engineer, geology engineer and workers were employed in the Mining Site in Karacam of the city of Eskisehir. As of the end of 2011, approximately 60 % of all the company personnel live in the adjacent residential areas such as the Town of Yunus Emre, Village of Yayla and City of Sivrihisar.  The remaining workers and engineers are accommodated in the facilities provided in the mining site.


The recently-enacted Mining Law (Law dated June 24, 2010 and numbered 5995) attaches great importance to environmental impacts of mining sites. In this respect, the Law requires that the companies will not damage the environmental and human health, and establish the necessary infrastructure facilities relating to mining exploration and operations as scientifically and technically determined.   Our company has been completely fulfilling its part by strictly adhering to the provisions of the Mining Law.


In this scope, Fe-Ni Mining Co. participated in the "Tree Planting Campaign" on November 29, 2011 in the locality of Balikhisar in Akyurt, Ankara.


Being the second “Tree Planting Campaign” initiated on April 20, 2010 as coordinated by the Environmental Preservation Magazine, 30 thousand saplings were planted in an area of 700 thousand square meters in the ceremony held on November 29, 2011 with the contributions and participation of Offices of District Governor and Mayor of Akyurt (20,000 Cedrus Libanis, 5,000 locusts, 4,000 trees of heaven and 1,000 fraxinous).


Fe-Ni Mining Co. directors and employees participated in the “Tree Planting Campaign” along with the District Governor of Akyurt; Mr. Mustafa Yigit; Mayor of Akyurt; Mr. Gültekin Ayantas; General Manager of Environment Preservation Magazine; Mr. Ayhan Tokustepe; representatives of companies and NGOs from Ankara, representatives fromn local public agencies and institutions, and teachers and students of the vocational high school of health in Akyurt.    Fe-Ni Mining Co. donated 100 saplings for this campaign.


Directors of Fe-Ni Mining Co. and Mayor of Akyurt; Gültekin Ayantas planted 61 saplings together.


The Mayor; Gültekin Ayantas and General Manager of Environment Preservation Magazine; Ayhan Tokustepe thanked all the industrialists and non-governmental organizations supporting this event and presented plaquets to all those contributing at the end of organization.   Deputy General Manager; Mr. Bekir Metin received the plaquet and reward on behalf of the Fe-Ni Mining Co.


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