Port of Celebi Bandırma, Turkey

Port of Bandırma will be the gateway of South Marmara and Central Anatolia to the world


Çelebi Holding submitted the highest bid for the tender with 175,500,000 USD and won the contract for TCDD Port of Bandırma on 16 May 2008. Following the completion post-tender procedures, the contract for the 36-year operation of Port of Bandırma was established between the Privatization Department, TCDD and Çelebi Holding. Çelebi, aims to invest 50 million USD in the next 5 years in TCDD Port of Bandırma.


The port has connections to Istanbul, Turkey's business and industrial center, to the Southern Marmara and Aegean Region and has a strategic location at the south coast of Marmara. It offers bulk load, ro-ro and mixed load handling services. Also in addition to having the longest pier in the region it is one of the biggest bulk load ports of Turkey. When the ro-ro services commenced in 2004, Port of Bandırma became an important stop for the shipment of truck loads from the Marmara region to inland regions.


Çelebi, thanks to the railway and highway connections and wide warehouses of Port of Bandırma, is considered the port that can provide the greatest benefit to the Southern Marmara, Central Anatolia and Aegean Regions. Çelebi will start a reconstruction process for the port so that it can serve this wide hinterland with a capacity of 10 mn tons of dry bulk and mixed load, and 300,000 TEU containers and 200,000 vehicles in the next 10 years.


The Port will also serve as an alternative to the increasing need of automotive industry in Bursa, which has an ever increasing export volume.


The improvements are estimated to bring the share of the port in international cargo handling from 2.7% in 2009 to 5,2% in 2020. Port of Bandırma will not only turn into one of the logistics centers in the region, but also contribute to the economical and social development of the region with the creation of employment opportunities.


Web Resource: http://www.celebi.com.tr/en/yazi.php?id=41

Gemlik RODA Port, Turkey

Rodaport has been designed as a general service port by considering the requirements of industrial and commercial organizations having operations within the region that extends to Northwest Anatolia and Ankara, which has been established at the Gemlik Bay in the South East of Marmara Sea within the coordinates  40° 26' 42" N - 029º 07' 12" E.

Port, warehousing and logistics services has been providing for general cargo and container since 2007.

All cargo operations are monitored with high technology at the 170 decare of total terminal area including 103 decare of the customs area and 67 decare of inland terminal.

Rodaport provides service to eight vessels at the same time  with its 1200 meter-long quay. Rodaport has ability to provide services to Post-panamax ships with its 3 mobile cranes with a lifting capacity of 100 tons, 2 RTG cranes with a lifting capacity of 40 tons and 4 stackers and 2 forklift machines with a lifting capacity of 32 tons.

The loading and unloading services of sensitive cargo into containers are performed without having affected from all types of weather conditions in the 1000 m2 semi-covered CFS area. The terminal and warehouse services are provided to all types of cargo including marble.

As stated above, Rodaport provides services to both general cargo and container. Since July 2008, Rodaport has started its container services with CMA CGM container lines and has been continuing its services with the ARKAS’s ARKAS LINE, with Cabotage, and TARROS lines. Finally CSAV container lines has been added.

Web Resource: http://rodaport.com.tr