Health and Safety Issues of Fe-Ni Mining Ltd. Company for the Year of 2012 (December 31, 2012) 

According to the administrative board’s decision, the year of 2012 is a turning point for Fe-Ni Mining Company in terms of health and safety issues because of the national and international laws and conscientious responsibility. Fe-Ni Mining Company follows the regulations of law no. 6331, that is Health and Safety Law, and the law no. 4857, that is Work Law, at the present state.

1. Job Safety

The results of the works for Health and Safety shows that any precaution is taken for the Eskisehir Karacam Mining Area and also Ankara Central Office.

After the date of June 30, 2012 that the Health and Safety Law no. 6331 is published; the works done on 2011 about health and safety is revised that agreement with an A Class Health and Safety Master and an occupational physician is provided.

After the agreement, each activity is reported for the period of one month. According to those 19 different reports, all the deficiencies and urgent works are planned and applied. The reports include that


·        Organization of the Human Resource

·        Personal file of the worker

·        Governance of the A Class Health and Safety Master

·        Activities of Mining Site

·        Council of Health and Safety

·        Signed proceedings of 2012

·        Accident reports of 2012

·       Procurement and distribution of personal protective equipment for workers

·       Job security educations those are given by the A Class Health and Safety Master

2. Occupational Health

Fe-Ni Mining Company gets service from an occupational physician in the year of 2012. All the necessary and routine health controls are provided by the occupational physician.


All the workers are examined for the “Heavy and Dangerous Works Report” which is started on December of 2011. The result of the examination and reports are added to personal file of the workers.


3. First-Aid Education for Workers


16th paragraph of the Regulation of First-Aid (22.05.2002 date and 24762 no.) says that “1 out of every 20 employees for the all workplaces; 1 out of every 10 employees for the heavy and dangerous workplaces have to be educated on First-Aid according to the Basic First Aid Training Certificate that is given by the authorized center which is written in this regulation”. According to that regulation, 15 people are educated in Ankara Provincial Directorate of Health. All the 15 people have passed the examination of the First Aid course and certificated.


Occupational Health and Safety in Fe-Ni Mining Company (01 December 2011)

Turkey has legislation and practice in the field of occupational health and safety for more than 100 years.  This complicated legislation consisting of numerous laws, by-laws, regulations, etc. has been harmonized in exact terms with the European Union norms and most of which have been put into effect within the framework of preparatory works of specifically the Labor Law No. 4857 and commitment to legislative alignment submitted to the EU and included in the National Program.  Our country has also adopted the concept of “Occupational Health and Safety”, a universal concept stipulated in the EU Legislation.  The underlying philosophy of this transformation is not only to prevent of dangers and hazards, but also to ensure the safety of enterprises and production in addition to employees by means of risk assessment and fight with risks on the source.


The goal of occupational health and safety studies is to protect the employees from occupational accidents and diseases and provide healthier working environments. Yet, there are two more issues not to be disregarded.  One of them is to increase productivity by ensuring production safety and the other is enterprise safety.  The occupational safety in general sense includes the protection of employees, enterprise and production from any kind of dangers and hazards.   


There are numerous definitions for occupational accidents.  The World Health Organization (WHO) defines the “occupational accident” as unplanned and unexpected occurrences, mostly resulting injuries, damage to machineries and equipment or short periods of interruption in production. The International Labor Organization (ILO) defines the occupational accident as unplanned and unexpected occurrences causing certain damage or injuries.


The World Health Organization and International Labor Organization define the Occupational Health and Safety as “promotion and maintenance of highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers in all occupations by preventing departures from health, protecting workers from dangers of unhealthy factors, controlling the risks and adaptation of work to people and people to their jobs.”


The magnitude of damage occurring due to occupational accidents and diseases will only be left to chance unless the managers of workplaces identify the hazards and determine the risk that can be controlled beforehand. In order to decrease the damage to result from occupational accidents and diseases, the enterprises should allocate resources for occupational health and safety in their budgets, be aware of occupational health and safety issues and implement useful and effective rules on these subjects.


In this frame, being aware of the significance of the issues, Fe-Ni Mining Co. Ltd. has ensured that necessary funds are allocated for the occupational health and safety in our legal and conscientious responsibility since its establishment in 2008, and the services provided under the legislation of “Occupational Health and Safety” have been sped up through a “Contract of Service Purchase for Occupational Health and Safety” entered into with the Kural Health Services Co. Ltd. deeming the date of December 1, 2011 as the milestone.    


The intent and objective of the contract is the establishment of systems required by Occupational Health and Safety legislations, delegation of necessary personnel, management and conduct of such personnel and procurement of consultancy services.


The scope of the contract includes the main titles of Monitoring the Working Environment, Occupational Health Services, Medical Services, Technical Services, and Workplace Inspections. Periodical workplace visits will be conducted; controls and examinations will be made in terms of “Occupational Health and Safety” and “Personnel Legislation”; if any violating or incomplete issues are found in Occupational Health and Safety during such controls and inspections, the workplace will be reported orally and in writing along with suggestions.  The works and studies on these issues are underway and the process is being resumed.


Fe-Ni Mining Co. has employed a full-time Mining Engineer, holding the Certificate of Occupational Safety Expertise Group C. All the services (risk analysis, training of workers, periodical visits to workplace, identification – reporting – of omissions, guidance for remedies) required by the Occupational Safety across the workplace are provided by the Group A certified Occupational Safety Expert Mining Engineer assigned by the Kural Health Services Co. Ltd.  The Occupational Safety Expert holding the Group A Occupational Safety Expertise has been continuing its inspections and examinations in regular intervals since the establishment of the system. The Workplace Physician is also on the job and conducts regular examinations on the workers and follows up and concludes the requirements of occupational health and safety legislation.  Our company implements the legislation in effect and also is following the “Occupational Health and Safety Law” on the agenda of the Cabinet of Ministers.