Environmental Policy of Fe-Ni Mining Company 


Fe-Ni Mining aspires to contribute to the development of the country and to minimize negative effects to environment in all production processes. In accordance with the legal conditions of working life, environmental legislation in our country and international environmental norms, the Company established its environmental policies based on the principle of preventing troubles in their sources.


For sustainable production and an open – ended future, it is an integral part of our job to take required measures in order to minimize all of our negative effect to environment during our all sorts of activities.


Fe-Ni Mining has a consciousness that a responsible environmental management and an outstanding environmental performance create a whole with permanent, successful and efficient nickel mining. 


Fe-Ni Mining shall consider the below mentioned matters in order to realize its environmental targets by meeting the requirements of United Nations Global Contact which is based on 10 fundamental principles under the main topics of human rights, labour, environment and fighting against corruption with the Standard of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

According to the administrative board’s decision, fourth quarter of 2011 is accepted as a turning point for Fe-Ni Mining Company in terms of environmental issues because of the national and international laws and conscientious responsibility. In this way, a protocol is signed between Fe-Ni Mining Company and TEMÇEV Engineering and Environmental Consultancy Company thus, environmental services are started to be obtained.

Environmental Law no. 2872, Regulation on Environmental Law Required Permits and Licenses, Environmental-Audit Regulation, Regulation on Environmental Officer and Environmental Consulting Firms are followed, strategies are determined and works are on progress.

a)    Fe – Ni Mining shall try to obey and carry out the 7th, 8th and 9th principles under the title of environment of United Nations Global Contact. 


b)    The Company shall make every endeavour in order to carry out consciousness studies on environment policy with its Company Directors, employers, suppliers and local and domestic customers and sustain its activities according to environmental policy.  


c)    The Company shall make no concession under any circumstances of environmental protection and quality. 


d)    The Company shall prevent pollution by reducing and disposing the wastes with recycling.


e)    The Company shall follow and carry out the reactivating studies of the fields during and after the mining activities. 


f)    The employers shall be in open communication with environmental and institutional organizations and legal and private parties concerning the subject. 


g)    The company shall take the responsibility of the transmission of environmental observations to public in line with the legislation issued or to be issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and Ministry of Forest and Hydraulic Works applicable for Environmental Management. 


h)    Within the scope of work health and safety, noise measurement and respirable dust measurements shall be performed regularly and it shall be provided for the employees to gain consciousness about environment. 


i)     In order not to damage the environment during production and transportation, our Company is making investments which require high cost. And also our Company is an organization which adopts to work and live at piece with environment. 


j)     The Company shall take working together as a goal with all of our stakeholders in order to develop environmental sensitivity, improve knowledge and share best applications. Furthermore, it shall undertake to leave a habitable environment to future generations as a duty. 


k)    The Company shall be related to and responsible for environmental subjects at issue, public sensitivities, information and documents.


l)     The Company shall announce and publish its policies to its employers, customers, suppliers and all other concerned parties and shall try to create environmental consciousness on the concerned parties.  


m)  Our main principle is respect to human, society and environment in line with the above matters and we shall put forward the progresses by reviewing our purposes and targets each year.