About Company



Fe-Ni Mining Ltd. Co. was established on 19 August 2008 with the announcement of 257038 registry number that was published in the 7130th copy of Turkish Trade Registry Gazette. It has been still continuing to its commercial life at Ceyhun Atıf Kansu Caddesi 1368 Sokak No: 6 / 4 Balgat-Çankaya, Ankara, TURKIYE.


As can be understood from its name, the company was established in order to work in mining industry. Recently, important developments in mining industry can be seen both in Turkiye and in the World. These developments are increasing the courage of our company to extract and sell iron and nickel ore.


Description of jobs that our company will be responsible of was determined and published in Turkish Trade Registry Gazette.




Preparing studies, plans and projects; production, management, drilling, purchase and selling of all kinds of ores and industrial raw materials. It carries out importation and exportation activities. If necessary, it buys vehicles and equipment from local or foreign markets. It sells, rents or produces. With the limitations of mining law it buys licenses. It operates mines by itself. Allows third person for operation, takes over or hands over the operation. Rents the mine. It processes the nickel, gypsum, marble, granite or other materials that it has produced or bought. It buys, sells, imports or exports.


Fe- Ni Mining Company has been providing iron ore to local cement factories and tout-venant nickel to foreign companies from its open pit mine that takes place in, Eskişehir- Mihalıççık-Yunus Emre District/Turkiye.